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What is a member?

Members are not necessarily users. You (User) can have multiple members in your account, for example, family members who are under 18 or over 18 still under your payment regime. Once you sign up an account for this website, you need to create a member either of yourself or others (e.g. your children). Without registering a member, you cannot access all the contents and courses on this site. As a member progresses to their next level in Hapkido or Kummooyeh a moderator will update your members’ detail.

How do you register a member?

Go to Members > My Members and then fill out the boxes, name, belt, birthday, and location.
Locations are the hapkido centers that the member does their classes at. If your member doesn't do physical classes and only do online ones, please select "Online Only".
After that press request, and wait till a moderator accepts or denies the member you created.

I made a mistake in one of the details, what do I do?

If you requested it already, just send us a contact message to support@skma.co.uk in Support > Contact, or email directly to support@skma.co.uk. Tell us your mistake and we will try to amend it, if the mistake is obvious then we will email you about the mistake so that you can reply with the correct details.

How do you update the details?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we do not allow you to update anything directly but you can contact support with instructions about what to change.