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Whitagu is a cross between badminton and table tennis, but using both hands. All sports athletes and martial artists can enjoy and use it to enhance body coordination. This new sport has great potential as school sports and beneficial in many ways for any age group from primary school students to elderly people since we use both arms and shoulders.
Since using both side hands, it requires unique techniques and coordination that differentiate from existing netwall sports mentioned above. Its name Whitagu explains the main moves and techniques, meaning of swinging as Whi <揮>, hitting as Ta <打> and the ball as Gu <球>. It is very enjoyable new sport which enhance body coordination & focus, balance, encourage and develop both sides of brain. Of course, it is also great cardio exercise.

Key features of Whitagu are:
-Does not require much space or equipment;

-Does not require great skills;-Enhances body coordination and focus;

-Balance and develop both side body and brains;

-Especially good for shoulder movement and muscles;

-Cardio exercise;

-Has good assessment system so you can get graded as you progress.