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Yongmudo & Taekwondo

Yongmudo (also spelled Yongmoodo) is a modern, hybrid martial art that was developed in 1998 by sports scientists at Yong-In University in Korea. Yongmudo combines kicking techniques from taekwondo, grappling and throwing techniques from hapkido, throwing techniques from judo, and wrestling techniques from ssireum.
Since the establishment of Yong In University's Martial Arts Research Centre in 1982, there had been significant focus on developing a new dynamic system combining combat, self-defence and health enhancement techniques and training methodology based on up-to-date scientific findings of human performance, especially through physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics and psychology.
The Martial Arts College of Yong-In University formally announced on October 15, 1998, the creation of a new martial arts discipline, known as Yongmudo.

SKMA offers Yongmudo sparring session for both children and adults. SKMA holds regular sparring tournaments in the UK and we go to Korea to fight every year.

The Korean art of Taekwondo is very popular throughout the world and World Taekwondo Federation sparring is a dynamic Olympic sport.

As well as the sporting element available to training, the art itself incorporates Poomse (forms), kicking techniques, step sparring and some self-defence training.